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Jackson Hospital is committed to providing safe and effective health care to our patients in an effort to help grow a healthier community.

The Hospital’s professional staff work diligently to maintain an excellent standard of care based on clinical evidence. We participate in many national clinical studies to measure how well we are providing safe and effective patient care. This enables us to measure our performance against current clinical practice patterns and the performance of other facilities.

Measuring the quality of a hospital’s services involves not only how well our patients recover from their illnesses, injuries, or procedures, but also how well we prevent injuries and other complications from the treatments we provide.

The information we provide on this website represents a very small portion of all the quality review activities performed at Jackson Hospital. It is our hope that this snap-shot view of some of the more well-known quality studies used by most hospitals will demonstrate how dedicated we are to providing you the best possible health care.

Jackson Hospital works hard to follow guidelines developed by national experts based on sound research and evidence. Because each patient has their own health issues and most are quite complex, we work hard to address all those issues while following all the standard guidelines proven to produce the best results while not contributing to additional health problems.

Sometimes there are reasons why patients cannot receive certain treatments that are recommended (such as medication allergies or other clinical conditions). In these cases, we work hard to clearly document the reasons why the recommended treatments are not right for this individual patient.

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