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Foundation Mission Statement

At Jackson Hospital Foundation, we develop resources that support Jackson Hospital in providing access to the best healthcare available.

The resources that are developed go toward caring for new life, educating and supporting the patient and care givers, and ensuring a healthier future through nurturing and treating with dignity those who are ill.

Through philanthropic support of Jackson Hospital, we believe that the quality of life for our patients and their loved ones will be enhanced.

To build this bridge to a healthier tomorrow, we encourage giving to life and a lifetime of giving.

Foundation Vision Statement

We believe that philanthropy is the initiative that occurs when people see a need and the response they give to affect change. Philanthropy is the fundamental human impulse to say how life should be, or could be.

At Jackson Hospital, philanthropy is not about money raising or money giving. We express our mission in ways that invite funders to participate in programs that mirror their values and preserve their interest, meets their need for recognition, and promotes a feeling of making a difference. The hospital’s needs become investment opportunities for donors. For this reason, we seek and encourage donor designated giving to the greatest extent possible.

Philanthropy at Jackson Hospital is directed toward community initiatives and new programs for wellness, education, recruitment of physicians, and new equipment. Gifts are applied toward projects which cannot be funded through general operating revenue, demonstrating to donors and the community that their discretionary philanthropy dollars are vital, in an extraordinary way.

With Jackson Hospital Foundation, your gift is never taken for granted. We recognize that when we receive a gift, be it large or small, our responsibility is to steward the funds in the most prudent way possible, and as the donor intended. We will respond to our donors with respect, give due recognition, and provide timely reports.

It is our responsibility to serve both the interests of the donor and the hospital, while working as part of a professional and volunteer team.

Our communications focus on how philanthropy addresses real problems, enables people and programs to flourish, and serves as an expression of community volunteerism. Our communications emphasize the human dimension, focusing on donors and patients, not methodologies or balance sheets.

Donations Policy

There are a variety of ways in which you can help your hospital, and at the same time, help yourself. Any contribution that you may wish to make can be in the form of an endowment, a bequest, or a trust. Jackson Hospital is a not-for-profit 501(C)3 corporation.

To donate now, please complete our on-line Foundation Donation form. For more information, contact the Jackson Hospital Foundation, Inc. at 850-718-2601.

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