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Maximum Venous Output

What is an MVO and what does it do?

An MVO study for evaluating the efficiency of the venous pump in leg muscles and for identifying incompetent venous valves.

Who performs the test?

The test is performed by a licensed Respiratory Therapist.

Where does it take place?

At Jackson Hospital in the Respiratory Department

How long does it take?

15-30 minutes

What you can do to make it a success?

Please be sure to bring your doctor’s orders with you the day of your test. Allow 15 minutes to register.

What to do before your exam?

There are no special dietary restrictions for this study.

You should take any medications as you normally would.

What happens during your exam?

You will be asked to remove your pants and you will be covered by a sheet.

You will be lying flat during the test. The technologist will place pressurized cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) on your legs.

The cuffs are inflated and pressures are taken in each site on both legs.

What to do after your exam?

You may resume normal activity after your study. Your test will be reviewed and interpreted by a physician. Your physician should have the results of your study in 24-48 hours.

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