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Great Doctors Choose to Practice at Jackson Hospital!

At Chipola Surgical and Medical Specialties, we have a network of outstanding specialists. From surgeons to primary care, CS&MS has board certified physicians who bring their expertise, experience and talent to families right here in the Panhandle. Together, they ensure excellent care close to home. Focused on patient safety, access to care, and the latest advances in diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries, CS&MS doctors are improving the health of our region. 

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Toby Marshall, MD, FACOG

Chipola Surgical and Medical Specialties Obstetrics/Gynecology
Address 4230 Hospital Drive Suite 209 Marianna FL 32446 Phone: 850-526-6711 Fax: 850-526-502
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Office Hours
Monday – Thursday
8:00am – 4:30pm

Hospital (main operator)
(850) 526-2200

Surgery Department
(850) 718-2540

Surgery Waiting Room
(850) 718-3052

(850) 718-2554

Surgery fax
(850) 718-2680/2681