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Tripp’s Story


Tripp Hudson has a special place in his heart for Jackson Hospital.

One January day, Tripp came home from school nauseated. Then he started experiencing a sharp pain in his side and his parents, Charles and Tamara Hudson, decided to take him to the Emergency Room at Jackson Hospital.

Tripp remembers, “In the ER, Wendy Johnson talked with me about what they were going to do, and she was really nice. I put on a gown, got an IV, a heart monitor, and they took me for a CT scan. Soon I found out my appendix was the problem, and I needed it removed,” Tripp explained, “I felt a little scared, but Dr. (Chai) Arunakul told me about his daughter’s appendectomy. And a nurse named Josh told me about his knee surgery which really helped.

In surgery, I fell asleep before I could count to 10. Then the next thing I remember is going to my room. It was over, and I was ok. I appreciated all the people in the ER, surgery, recovery and on the floor who took care of me as well as the doctors, especially Dr. Arunakul.”

“Tripp did well and had a quick recovery,” explained his mom, Tamara Hudson. “We’ve always gone to Jackson Hospital because of the doctors and nurses and the whole team there. We knew they would take great care of Tripp, and we want to thank everyone for all that they did,” Tamara explained.

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