Patsy’s Story


It was December 23, 2017, when Patsy Holland felt a little twinge in her chest. Feeling very tired, she took a nap and woke up an hour later with a little more pain.

“I decided to go to Jackson Hospital’s Emergency Department. My dad had a heart attack years ago, and in the back of my mind, I did not want to take a chance. Still, I wasn’t nauseated, no tingling in my arms or face, or shortness of breath. My blood pressure and heart rate were normal, and my cardiograms looked ok, but the ED doctor wanted to keep me there until all my blood work came back,” Patsy explained. “I closed off to sleep, and he rushed in and said I had an elevated enzyme they found in the second blood test. I had a heart attack. He sent me by ambulance to Dothan were cardiologists opened the blockage and put in a stent.”

Patsy’s doctors wanted her to do cardiac rehabilitation three times a week. So she chose to do the program at Jackson Hospital. “I started out slowly on the bike, rowing machine, and walking. The staff members were great. They monitored my heart while I exercised and kept me at the right pace,” Patsy said. “Because of them, I started to regain my confidence in my heart and could feel myself getting stronger. There was also patient education on nutrition, stress and lifestyle changes. Everything was so beneficial.”

“Looking back, I received great care that night at Jackson Hospital. And the Cardiac Rehab program helped me become healthier. I am so very grateful,” Patsy said.

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