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Max’s Story

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A couple of weeks into the 2018-19 school year, senior Max Olds was sitting in class when his face began to feel numb. He went to the school office and called his mom, Felicia.

“When we have an emergency, our family always trusts the doctors and nurses at Jackson Hospital, because they are very knowledgeable,” Felicia explained. “They’ve always taken great care of us.” The ED doctor examined Max and ordered an x-ray of his face. He found that Max had a serious sinus infection, even though Max had no symptoms other than a little puffiness under his right eye. In fact, he played football and was otherwise in excellent health.

“The infection was so severe it had cause facial bone loss,” Felicia explained. “The doctor told me Max would need emergency surgery and then he made arrangements to get Max to Gainesville where he would be under the care of specialists.”

Max underwent a 7-hour surgery. Even though the infection had reached the surface of his brain and caused bone loss to his face, doctors were optimistic that he would make a full recovery, and he has.

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