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Harry’s Story

Harry Green

When Harry Green experienced a low-grade fever, he hoped for the best. However, the next day, he became short of breath and realized he now had two of the COVID-19 symptoms. He decided he needed to get tested as his breathing difficulties quickly worsened.

“My daughters and wife felt as if I needed to go the Emergency Room, and I knew they were right,” Green said. At Jackson Hospital, his COVID test was positive. “I was quickly admitted to an area of the hospital where other COVID patients were and placed in a private isolation room. The doctors and nurses immediately started IVs and got me the medicines and treatments I needed. I could not have asked for better care,” he said.

In addition to ongoing respiratory therapy, Green received antibiotics, steroids, and plasma with COVID antibodies in it.  “Dr. Christopher contacted my wife every day about my care and talked with her about how I was doing. Being apart is hard on families, but that’s what it takes to get well. My family knew that everyone at the hospital was doing a great job taking care of me. Although no one wants to be hospitalized, I had a good experience at Jackson Hospital, and I needed to be there.”

Green explained that he now tells everyone to get tested if they have COVID symptoms. “I was healthy, and I thought I would never get COVID. I had never had any lung issues before – never had pneumonia or even a bad case of the flu, so this was really unexpected,” he said.

“The RNs, LPNs, CNAs, respiratory therapists and so many others – they all treated me like they knew me,” Green noted. “Whoever is hiring these people is doing a great job. I know they must have been exhausted, because it takes a lot to care for people with COVID, but they were right there helping me all the time,” Green explained.

Green was in the hospital for a total of five weeks. “All the doctors and nurses up there were doing their best to get me well. Because of them, I am now ok. Our prayers were answered. The hospital has wonderful people, and I want to thank each of them,” Green said.

Today, Mr. Green is back at work and doing well. He encourages everyone to take virus precautions seriously and get tested if they have symptoms.

“This experience has given me a new outlook on our dedicated doctors, nurses and support personnel as we fight the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Green noted. I would recommend Jackson Hospital to anyone who needs hospital care. Even the food there is good,” he added.

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